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Automatic Mosquito Sprayer

The power and control portion of the system consists of a large reservoir, a control unit and pump that are stationed in your garage, shed or other outdoor area.

Generally, after initial installation, you set the mosquito sprayer system to activate 3 – 4 times a day for anywhere from 20 – 45 seconds. You will notice a dramatic reduction in the number of biting insects in your yard. As the number of insects decreases, you may reset the system to mist just 2 – 3 times per day for 30 – 60 seconds. If there are more bugs, you may set the system to mist 4 times or more (SWAT Mosquito Systems recommends not to mist more than 6 times per day). Increase or decrease the number of sprays and the duration of the spray according to the time of year and the number and concentration of mosquitoes and insects.

Since many of the biting insects are active during the night, we recommend misting during the evening and nighttime hours. An average mosquito machine may go off late in the evening, 1 hour after sunset, 2 hours after sunset, and around sunrise. You can, however, have the system go off during the day depending on your mosquito prevention needs. For example, you could set the system to go off an hour before you plan to have guests in your backyard.

SWAT Automatic Mosquito Sprayer can adjust the times and durations during each service call or when we are out to fill the tank, or we can teach you how to set the mosquito machine yourself.


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