Palm Beach – Florida

Separated from neighbouring West Palm Beach and the city of Lake Worth by the Intracoastal Waterway, Palm Beach is a town in South Florida which experiences a population increase of more than triple it’s year round population at the height of tourist season. Palm Beach is also Florida’s easternmost town and is located on Barrier Island. The towns location in the warmth of the southern Atlantic, means that Palm Beach experiences the warm Tropical weather that Florida is famous for.

Florida’s tropical weather, while enviable, is not all it is cracked up to be. The extreme heat can be debilitating causing not only discomfort, but serious consequences such as dehydration and heat stroke. In addition to the heat, Florida’s climate brings with it humidity, and humidity brings insects such as mosquitos, the spreaders of West Nile virus. The heat and the mosquitos work in combination to prevent Palm Beach residents from enjoying Florida’s beautiful outdoors as much as they’d like.

SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling help Palm beach residents reclaim the outdoors by eliminating both of these problems.

To appropriately meet the needs of an outdoor space, a SWAT expert will make an onsite assessment to determine the best location for a mosquito misting installation to ensure the maximum efficiency of the system. All SWAT products are installed by our trained experts and operate on an automated timer to be virtually maintenance free. Misting can be scheduled on a routine nightly basis, or can be set to spray in advance of an outdoor party or event.

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