Miami Beach – Florida

Year after year, thousands of tourists flock to Miami Beach to enjoy the humid tropic temperatures and the miles of warm sandy beaches. This idyllic location and Florida’s welcoming climate provide a break from cold winters and a vacation from every day life. For residents of Miami Beach Florida, however, the draw backs of Florida’s climate are all too apparent.

The warm weather and humid climate are ideal, not just for tourists, but also make a fantastic breeding ground for mosquitos. The heat of the warm Miami Beach sun can drive residents into their home to enjoy the comfort of an air conditioned space leaving their picturesque gardens, pools, and outdoor spaces vacant.

Fortunately, SWAT services the Miami Beach area and with our Mosquito Spraying and Outdoor Cooling Systems, SWAT is helping residents of Miami Beach reclaim their outdoor spaces both day and night. During the day, SWATs Outdoor Cooling Systems allow Miami Beach residents to enjoy the sunshine that Florida is famous for without the discomfort or danger that comes from being too warm.

In the evening as the sun sets, mosquitos become the enemy, coming out at dusk to feed.  SWAT Mosquito Systems emit a pyrethrum or rosemary oil based spray which kills mosquitos and other insects in as little as a day meaning Miami Beach residents can once against enjoy their outdoor space well into the night hours.

For information on how SWAT can help you reclaim your outdoor space, please contact us.