Fort Lauderdale – Florida

Dubbed the “Venice of America”, Fort Lauderdale is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and welcomes well over 10 million visitors each year. The city’s picturesque stretch of white sandy beaches and enviable tropical climate draws tourists and spring-breakers in droves to the Sunshine State’s southern tip.

Thanks to a mild climate year-round, Fort Lauderdale residents can experience outdoor living to the absolute fullest. Unfortunately, the tropical climate is not only a major draw for tourists, mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other pesky insects are drawn the Fort Lauderdale’s humidity and can keep residents locked up tight inside their air conditioned homes.

SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling offers both mosquito misting and evaporative cooling systems to residents of Fort Lauderdale to help them reclaim the outdoors.

SWAT designs and installs all mosquito misting and outdoor cooling systems according to a homeowner’s unique specifications following an in-depth analysis of the area by a SWAT specialist. All SWAT systems are expertly installed and set on automated timers which are scheduled to work with an individual’s scheduling meaning there is no worry of getting sprayed right along with mosquitos. SWAT’s evaporative cooling system sprays a cooling mist of water so fine it evaporates into the air before there is a chance of the water forming a layer of moisture on outdoor furniture or people’s clothing. SWAT’s cooling systems can lower the temperature of and area 10-15 degrees. When working in combination, SWAT’s mosquito misting and outdoor cooling systems make for comfortable outdoor living.

For more information on how SWAT can help Fort Lauderdale residents reclaim the outdoors, please contact one of our highly trained experts.