Delray Beach – Florida

Located within Palm beach County and dubbed the “Village By the Sea”, Delray Beach is perfectly located along Florida’s picturesque shoreline. Owing to the city’s stretch of oceanfront property and tropical climate, residents of Delray Beach have the opportunity to experience outdoor living to its fullest potential.

When it comes to experiencing all that Delray Beach’s outdoors have to offer, Florida’s extreme heat as well as pests like Mosquitos and No-See-Ums can be reason enough to abandon the outdoors for the sanctuary of an air-conditioned mosquito free home. Fortunately, SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling have solutions to help Delray Beach residents reclaim the outdoors.

SWAT’s Mosquito misting systems are all set on an automated timer to meet the unique needs of a Delray Beach homeowner’s outdoor space. SWAT utilizes pyrethrum or rosemary oil based sprays to eliminate insects throughout the day cutting down on the area’s mosquito population and almost eliminating them over time without the use of scented candles or bug sprays.

SWAT’s evaporative outdoor cooling systems consist of spray nozzles laid out around a specific area and emit a spray of tiny water droplets. SWAT’s outdoor cooling system’s mist is so fine, the water spray evaporates in the air cooling the temperature of the area by 10-15 degrees.

To reclaim your Delray Beach property from the heat and insects, contact a SWAT expert now.