Coral Gables – Florida

Coral Gables is a city rich in unique architecture with a distinctly Mediterranean Feel. Incorporated as a city in 1925, this picturesque Floridian metropolis is like none other in the Sunshine State. In addition to this city’s Mediterranean inspired scenery, Coral Gables enjoys all the trappings that come along with being a Floridian metropolis including the long hours of warm sunshine and the Sunshine State’s signature tropical climate.

Coral Gables’ picturesque scenery and warm weather makes outdoor living difficult for residents however, as the humidity attracts a multitude of pesky insects, and the Florida sunshine can be dangerously warm causing discomfort and even heat stroke. SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling offers solutions to these problems in order to help Coral Gables residents reclaim the outdoors.

SWAT offers Coral Gables residents custom-designed mosquito misting systems which are expertly designed based upon an in-depth assessment of the property on which the system will be installed. SWAT’s expert team of highly trained professionals will install the customized mosquito misting system around the parameter of the property forming a protective barrier against insect pests.

SWAT’s unique evaporative cooling system sprays a mist which is roughly 80% finer than other cooling systems. This fine mist evaporates more quickly and completely meaning while residents of Coral Gables are enjoying their outdoor space, they stay cool, and their clothing stays dry.

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