Boca Raton – Florida

Nestled against the shoreline, Boca Raton is a charming city resting between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale. With its small town feel and Mediterranean architecture, Boca Raton is a beautiful city whose tropical climate and picturesque beaches attract tourists year round. Residents here enjoy both the attractive scenery and all the trapping of outdoor living thanks to the Sunshine State’s warm temperatures and hours of sunshine.

Florida’s heat can be a bit trying on Boca Raton residents however, and the beating sun can force residents out of their backyards and into the comfort of their air conditioned homes during the day. As dusk sets in, mosquitos and no-see-ums set upon Boca Raton resident’s outdoor spaces making these beautiful havens unliveable in the evening as well.

SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling offers Boca Raton residents the ability to reclaim the outdoors and enjoy their backyards and outdoor spaces.

SWAT’s mosquito misting systems are all custom designed for each outdoor space and carefully installed by a team of highly skilled SWAT experts. Each misting system works on an automated timer meaning that very little effort is required to keep pesky insects to a minimum.

SWAT’s evaporative cooling system is unique from other cooling systems in that the mist created is 80% smaller than standard evaporative cooling systems. What this means for Boca Raton residents is that they can enjoy the benefit of SWAT’s evaporative cooling system without a messy water buildup on outdoor fixtures and clothing.

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