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Outdoor Cooling Systems

Reduce outdoor temperatures by 15-20 degrees!

Turn your outdoor living areas into year-round comfort zones. Utilizing state of the art cooling technology, our patentpending outdoor cooling systems can reduce temperatures by 15-20 degrees.

Unlike similar systems you may have seen, our patent pending system allows you to feel the comfort of cooler air within a few feet, even in the most humid climates. They are also ergonomically designed to be seamlessly tucked away in outdoor living areas, providing the year-round comfort you deserve. Each control system can handle up to 4 comfort zones and 20 fan/nozzle assemblies.


  • Everyone stays cool and dry
  • Zone Pump System
  • 1000 psi of flow ensures evaporation
  • Misting Systems has specialized all weather fans to move cool air to desired location
  • Ceramic nozzles in our misting systems resist corrosion and clogging
  • Minimal operating costs for Maximum Outdoor Cooling

How outdoor cooling works:

  • NOT a Misting System. Stay cool in outdoor areas without getting anyone wet.
  • Water droplets are 70-80% smaller than competitive systems, allowing for complete evaporation.
  • System is operated through a simple wall switch, requiring minimal maintenance.

Ideal for commercial or residential needs:

  • Home and Patio
  • Resort and Spa
  • Amusement Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor Sports Venue
  • Construction / Industrial