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SWAT’s Customers Can Spend More Time In Their Yards

By Lauren Liebowitz
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Imagine life without mosquitoes or no-see-ums. Imagine reclaiming your backyard, your patio, and your swimming pool, even at night.

SWAT Mosquito Systems has introduced a revolutionary new mosquito/no-see-um misting system that uses a safe, all-natural pest killer derived from chrysanthemums or an equally safe organic alternative made from rosemary oil. These environmentally-friendly pest killers are biodegradable and leave no residue. The new pest killers, combined with SWAT’s unobtrusive system installation, let customers in Florida, Alabama and other mosquito-plagued states use their yards in comfort.

In a recent poll of SWAT’s customers, reports show that owners of SWAT’s mosquito misting systems spent an additional 30% more time outdoors without needing to worry about mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects. These customers can now go outdoors for barbecues, pool parties, and to entertain guests. Gardeners can now work in their gardens safely, left alone by mosquitoes and other pests. Grandparents can allow their grandchildren to play outside without worrying about either mosquitoes or harmful pesticides.

After years of being unable to go outdoors after dusk without being prey to countless biting insects, SWAT’s customers are no longer afraid that they’ll be bitten. Those with spas, swimming pools, backyard courts and similar outdoor features had previously left these expensive investments unused, letting them go to waste. These clients can now use their outdoor installments whenever they like.

Summer nights no longer call for unpleasant candles and insect repellant for protection. Instead, a two- or three-times-daily misting of SWAT’s unique pyrethrum or rosemary oil spray cuts down on insects so much that users can resume outdoor activities without needing additional protection. SWAT’s mosquito misting system allows users to eat outdoors, previously impossible without being swarmed by mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and similar insects. Users can throw outdoor parties day or night, disposing of unsightly bug zappers and eliminating the need for individual precautions against insects. Restaurants that use SWAT mosquito systems can offer comfortable outdoor seating, reassuring guests that they will be unmolested by biting insects. Lost business has returned to SWAT’s restaurant customers thanks to the effectiveness of SWAT’s system. Hotels use SWAT to protect their outdoor areas and cut down on nearby mosquitoes, lessening the risk of mosquitoes both indoors and out. Mosquito misting systems have been around for decades, but SWAT’s system adds new features to improve the system’s safety, convenience, and effectiveness. SWAT systems are custom designed for each customer’s home or business, and once they have been installed, the systems spray an all-natural pest killer at regular intervals according to the customer’s schedule and needs. SWAT’s revolutionary pest killer will not harm humans or pets.

Additionally, the SWAT system can be turned off at any time with a remote control or from the control panel, ensuring users’ comfort. SWAT Mosquito Systems gives people the freedom to enjoy their yards mosquito-free without ruining their yard’s natural beauty. To those interested in learning how a mosquito control system could help them reclaim their freedom to go outdoors, SWAT offers a free consultation.

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