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SWAT Mosquito Systems – Summer Grilling Tips

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – With summer just around the corner, every household in America will be running out to the store to stock up on charcoal, hot dogs, hamburgers, ice and beverages. This can only mean one thing; it’s the start of the grilling season.

With millions heading out to their local parks and neighbor’s backyards for a good-old family cookout, there are a few essential “ingredients” that you must remember for the perfect barbecue.

Tip: The grill is your friend, and the mosquitoes are your enemy! There is nothing worse than a swarm of mosquitoes driving away your guests at a backyard barbecue or gathering. Make sure that you are prepared well in advance, or you will simply send your guests “buzzing” right back to their homes. A great solution is a mosquito misting system that can easily be installed right in your backyard. Companies such as SWAT Mosquito Systems can come to your home and install a system that will create a mosquito barrier around your yard, permanently and safely removing the pests from your family fun.

Tip: Mixed tapes were only fun in middle school. If you are going to do it right, make sure you plan ahead. The right music selection will keep the party rolling, and with MP3 players, iTunes and satellite radios at your fingertips, you can blast hours of non-stop tunes without having to flip a tape or change a disc.

Tip: The burgers should sizzle. Not your guests. Make sure that there is plenty of shade available for those hot summer days. Nobody wants to sit at a barbecue for hours and leave drenched in sweat. If you run out of shade, take a large cooler, fill it with ice and have clean towels on hand. There’s nothing more refreshing than cooling off with a clean ice-towel when the mercury starts to rise.

Tip: Grills “do” matter. Nobody wants to show up at a barbeque to find a few lumps of smoldering coals encompassed by a 15-inch can. This is your time to show off, so make sure you have a grill that distinguishes who you are. Nothing says “I know what I’m doing” better than a shiny, high-tech grill with a vast selection of tools hanging just in sight for your guests to admire.

Tip: Have fun. That’s why you’re having this in the first place. Beach balls, Frisbees, horseshoes or a football; it’s your choice. Just make sure there are plenty of activities for adults and children of all ages.

Editor’s note: Steve Jenkins, president of SWAT Mosquito Systems, was instrumental in establishing the first broad-scale mosquito misting system in the Texas market, and now brings his expertise to residents and businesses in South Florida. To safely eliminate mosquitoes and other insects from your home call 1-866-900-SWAT or visit SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems .