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Southwest Florida Residents Enjoy Mosquito-Free Homes With Swat Mosquito Systems

By Valerie Milkins
Bonita Daily News
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Approximately 72 mosquito species will be ready for this summer’s intense rainy season here in South Florida, which begins in late April and runs through October. Fortunately for homeowners and businesses, a local company – SWAT Mosquito Systems – is ready to keep people, children and pets safe from each and every species.

SWAT Mosquito Systems is operated by a dedicated management team with over seven-years of experience in the mosquito misting business. The company installs a fully automated, high-quality, convenient, safe and highly effective misting system around the perimeter of a home or business to kill and repel mosquitoes, flies and gnats, as well as other annoying insects often not seen but always felt after they bite.

The company offers a variety of misting products, which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Its most popular product is a Pyrethrum-based solution naturally derived from chrysanthemums. Pyrethrum directly affects the nervous system of biting insects – killing rather than repelling them. Through a system of sprays, strategically located and concealed around the perimeter of a home, pyrethrum is -misted- for about 45 seconds twice daily. SWAT also offers a Rosemary-based solution made up of essential plant extracts and oils; it is the company’s 100 percent USDA National Organic Compliant alternative.

Building a true barrier around the home is the only effective method for killing and controlling the mosquito population,- said Steve Jenkins, president of SWAT Mosquito Systems. SWAT is dedicated to bringing back outdoor recreation to South Florida, enabling families and friends to once again enjoy cookouts and get-together without being eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Jenkins was instrumental in establishing the first broad-scale mosquito misting system in the Texas market, and now brings his expertise to residents and businesses in South Florida. Additionally, the SWAT misting system will prove beneficial to South Florida customers since many pool screen enclosures have been damaged or torn down by recent hurricane activity.

The ability to repel and kill mosquitoes, no-see-ums and other biting insects will be very important this summer, especially given the dangerous nature of West Nile Virus and other diseases carried by insects,- said Wayne Hunton, certified pest control operator for SWAT Mosquito Systems. Homeowners love the SWAT misting system because it is effective and convenient, unlike other repellent options that have not been proven to work, and involve spraying chemicals on clothing and skin.-

For years, millions of people have been investing in and struggling with a variety of ineffective repellent products. Media outlets have recently reported that people spent approximately $100 million on mosquito repellent products last year, according to ACNielsen, the world’s leading marketing information provider.

The West Nile Virus has become more prevalent over the last several years. According to the CDC, there were 9,862 human cases of the disease in 2003, compared to 4,156 in 2002. The virus first appeared in North America in 1999 and has since spread across much of the nation. About 80 percent of those infected with the virus never show any of the tell-tale fever-like signs, but it can be fatal for a small percentage of those bitten by disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Public health officials say removing mosquito breeding areas is the most effective way of combating the disease. With the South Florida rainy season quickly coming into effect, millions of homeowners will need a completely reliable method of eliminating these breeding areas in items such as flowerpot basins, damp grass and lakes.