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Learn the Basic at Home Mosquito Control Measures

We often see mosquitoes as an outdoor problem, however if the issue with mosquitoes is not addressed promptly, they can also quickly become an indoor problem. There are easy, handy ways to deter these insects by taking mosquito control measures around our homes quickly and efficiently.

Which are the most effective natural mosquito control methods?

Nowadays, people are looking for natural ways to clean and protect their homes – there are effective ways for natural mosquito control as a safe and cost-effective alternative for you and your family. Citronella is a common, natural deterrent for mosquitos; however rosemary oil is also an effective and organic mosquito control method. Mixing a portion of the oil with water and spraying on areas where you see mosquitoes or simply adding the mixture around patios and decks can keep them at bay. As an alternative, combining crushed garlic with water and hanging strips of cloth in areas where mosquitoes tend to congregate can also be an effective measure. Having basil in the kitchen pantry can be handy, as crushing and rubbing it on hands and arms can temporarily deter a swarm. Some people also swear by chrysanthemum and or marigolds – placing them on patios or in yards have also proven to be effective, as mosquitoes do not like the smell of these two plants.

Easy steps to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house

Preventing mosquitoes from entering your home begins with taking steps to control them outdoors as effectively as possible. Mosquitoes lay eggs in small pools of stagnant water and these eggs can take ten days to reach maturity. Ensuring that containers are covered and free of water around your home is important to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs and continuing a life cycle. Kids pools, planter pots, barrels, birdbaths and tarps can all collect water over time if they at not covered. Another tip to get a head start on outdoor mosquito control is by keeping swimming pools clean and free of leaves and if you have a pond or water feature, fish can be purchased that will eat mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. Backyard mosquito control can easily be accomplished by taking these steps.

Alternative outdoor mosquito control methods

Setting up a Bat house is another effective alternative, which can be purchased at home and garden centers and are usually low in cost. Bats can eat up to thousands of mosquitoes per hour and make for interesting nighttime entertainment in the summer! Mosquito control can be more effective during summer months if these simple steps are taken and you will find your mosquito problems to be under control in no time.