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Count on Yard Bug Repellent Spray to Rid your Yard of Mosquito Borne Illness

Everyone knows mosquitoes are annoying and can cause skin irritation when they bite, however it is the potential viruses they carry that should be of the most concern.  There is a handful of mosquito borne illnesses in Florida that you should be aware of but, thankfully, with SWAT’s in ground mosquito system you will no longer need to worry about them.  If you are concerned with how mosquito repellent systems work, trust our expert staff to explain it in a way that makes sense to you.  We can assure you that our yard bug repellent spray is easy to install and operate and will spell the end of all mosquitoes in your yard.  If you are concerned about any of the following mosquito borne illnesses, or are simply sick of these pesky bugs, than SWAT’s in ground mosquito system is the perfect solution.

How Mosquito Repellent Systems Work to Eliminate West Nile Virus from your Yard

West Nile Virus is perhaps the most well known of North American mosquito borne viruses and can also be the most severe.  Initial symptoms of this virus carried by mosquitoes include fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes but, if the individual is especially susceptible to illness, things can get much worse.  While most cases are unnoticed or written off as a simple cold, West Nile Virus can escalate and lead to disorientation, comas, convulsions, and even paralysis.  While our yard bug repellent spray does not spray for the virus, it will eliminate the primary vector: mosquitoes.  By keeping mosquitoes away from your property you can ensure your family will be safe from West Nile Virus.

The Perfect In Ground Mosquito System to put Saint Louis encephalitis to Rest

Lesser known than West Nile Virus is Saint Louis encephalitis – a mosquito borne illness primarily located in the United States.  Saint Louis encephalitis shares many of the same symptoms as West Nile Virus, and Florida boasts some of the most cases of all U.S. states.  The virus can lead to death, especially in the older segments of the population, and there is no cure.  While still rare, the best solution to keep your family safe from Saint Louis encephalitis comes in the form of prevention.  Long sleeves and bug spray will do the trick, but SWAT’s mosquito spraying system is the most foolproof way to keep insects and their associated viruses away from your home.

Keep Eastern equine encephalitis at Bay with a SWAT Mosquito System

Eastern equine encephalitis is yet another mosquito borne illness present in Florida that can very negatively impact those closest to you.  As the name indicates, this virus affects horses and will typically lead to death within a few days of symptoms first appearing.  An infected horse has between a 10 – 30% chance of survival.  Humans, however, are not immune.  Up to a week after getting bit by an infected mosquito, you may start to experience high fevers, altered mental states, headaches, sensitivity to light, and/or seizures. Even if you do not own horses, you or your family could get infected with EEE if you are not taking the proper preventive measures.

If you are concerned about contracting any of these diseases, or simply sick of pesky insects interrupting your barbecues, give SWAT mosquito systems a try.  Don’t worry about how mosquito repellent systems work for now.  Leave the explaining to our expert staff that has been creating bug-free yards for years.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, or visit one of our many locations scattered across The Sunshine State.