Nobody likes getting stung by bees, or bitten by mosquitos, but for those allergic, the experience can be more than just unpleasant, it can be deadly. Here are some tips to help you determine if you are allergic to bug bites.

There are Three Basic Types Of Reactions To Bug Bites

Bug bites

Symptoms of Insect Sting Allergies

A mild allergic reaction may cause one or more of these symptoms at the site of the sting:

Severe allergic reactions (also called an anaphylactic reaction) are not that common. But when they happen, they’re medical emergencies. Symptoms can include:

If you experience any of these symptoms seek medical attention as soon as possible.

How Common Are Insect Sting Allergies?

About two million Americans have allergies to the venom of stinging bugs. Many of these people are at risk for life-threatening allergic reactions.

Treatment if You’re Not Allergic

First, if you’re stung on the hand, remove any rings from your fingers immediately.

If stung by a bee, the bee usually leaves a sac of venom and a stinger in your skin. Remove the stinger within 30 seconds to avoid receiving more venom. Gently scrape the sac and stinger out with a fingernail or a stiff-edged object like a credit card. Don’t squeeze the sac or pull on the stinger, or more venom will get into you. Wash the stung area with soap and water, then apply an antiseptic.

Apply a soothing ointment, like a hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion, and cover the area with a dry, sterile bandage. If the swelling is a problem, apply an ice pack or cold compress to the area.

Finally, you can also take an over-the-counter oral antihistamine to ease itching, swelling, and hives from bug bites. Don’t give this medication to children under 2 years old or to pregnant women unless your doctor says it’s OK. (If you’re pregnant, it’s best to talk to your doctor before you take any medicine.)

Treatment if You Are Allergic

If you have a severe allergic sting reaction, you’ll need epinephrine, which you can inject yourself before you call 911. Usually, this shot will stop a more severe allergic reaction from happening.

You’ll still need emergency medical care, even if the symptoms seem to stop. You may need to stay overnight at the hospital. If you’ve ever had allergic reactions to an insect sting, you should carry epinephrine with you wherever you go.

If you live in South Florida and are having mosquito or no-see-um problems, contact Swat Mosquito Systems to stop the biting and start enjoying your backyard today with a SWAT mosquito mist system.

We Love Fall in South Florida!

While the snowbirds are waiting for winter to hit before making their trek to the Sunshine State, we locals know that they’re missing out by waiting until December to visit. Autumn is indubitably the best time to live in South Florida. We may not get to experience the changing of the leaves, the donning of coats, boots, and earmuffs, or the picking of crunchy ripe apples right off the branch – but in lieu of those traditional rites of Fall’s arrival, South Florida in autumn becomes a balmy paradise like someplace straight out of a movie scene. If you’re wondering why the country’s tropical playground loves autumn, read on for a countdown of the four reasons why autumn is the best time to live in South Florida.

Reason #4: It’s Less Crowded

Autumn South Florida Pest Control

The majority of South Florida visitors arrive during the early months of the year (2018 shattered previous records, welcoming 33.2 million tourists during the first quarter.) But autumn in South Florida offers a glorious respite from vacationers as summer ends and school rings back in session. This break from visitors gives locals a time to reclaim their usual haunts as South Florida hotspots such as Miami Beach, or Fort Lauderdale are less congested with tourists. Although South Florida never really slows down, autumn gives Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach residents a bit more breathing room (at least, until January comes around.)

Reason #3: Food Festivals

We’re not sure who arranged for all these South Florida food festivals to line up in autumn, but we’re not complaining. September – November finds South Florida playing a host to a number of coveted food-related events. There’s the famous Miami Spice Month which runs from August to September, two seafood festivals (one in South Beach and another in Key Biscayne, both in October), a number of beer block parties like Wynwood’s Octoberfest or Coral Gables’ Grovetoberfest, and all sorts of delicious goings-on that only happen in South Florida during the Fall.

Mosquito Control

Reason #2: Autumn Brings the Best Beach Days

It is no secret that Florida is home to many of the best beaches in the country but what might surprise you is that the best time of year to visit them may not be during the summer.  September in South Florida marks the beginning of lower temperatures with seasonal highs in the mid to low eighties, decreasing chances of rain, and lower humidity levels.  This makes for delightful beachgoing weather with fewer worries of succumbing to heat stroke and more time spent enjoying the coast.

Reason #1: Great Weather Means Fewer Mosquitos

Florida is infamous for aggressive mosquitoes, in fact, two South Florida cities took the top spots in a national ranking of the cities with the worst mosquitoes. This distinction highlights an ongoing battle between local residents and bugs that our tropical climate doesn’t help. However, fall in South Florida means decreased rainfall, which does more than provide South Florida residents with fewer bad hair days. Lower likelihoods of precipitation give pesky mosquitos (and other biting insects like no-see-ums) fewer opportunities to breed. Additionally, some mosquito species go into hiding when colder temperatures ( 50°F) arise. Some will die off as temperatures being to cool, while others will go into hibernation – leaving a few glorious months of almost mosquito-free days.

Wish South Florida could be in autumn year-round? While you can’t prevent the temperatures from spiking or the tourists from visiting, you can control bugs and prevent them from biting year round. SWAT Mosquito Systems provides state-of-the-art mosquito misting systems to keep the biters at bay all year long.  Call them today at 1-866-900-SWAT 1-866-900-SWAT for a personalized consultation on how to keep mosquitos, no-see-ums, and other pests away from your family.

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Since the Zika virus remains an important health concern especially in Florida, Brent explains what our company can do in order to protect yourselves from mosquitos with a 98% efficiency.

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SWAT Mosquito Systems and Outdoor Cooling offers Florida residents the ability to reclaim the outdoors and enjoy their backyards and outdoor spaces.

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Mosquitoes are always an irritating nuisance. This year, however, there is a more serious concern: the Zika virus, which experts believe is linked to microcephaly, a serious birth defect. After cases were identified in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott declared a health emergency.

Although all Florida cases so far are believed to have been contracted by people traveling outside the U.S., residents need to prepare themselves, says an online report from the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. The transmission from mosquito to person could happen any time. “We should remain vigilant and informed,” cautions Jorge Rey, interim director of the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory in Vero Beach.

Mosquito drinking blood through skinZika was discovered in 1947 in Africa. Named after the Zika Forest in Uganda, the word means “overgrown” in Luganda, the major language spoken in that country. Although there are 200 species of mosquitoes in the U.S., Zika is thought to be transmitted by just one: the Aedes Aegypti. Zika is not, of course, the only illness carried by mosquitoes. Among others, the bloodsuckers also transmit dengue fever and West Nile virus, as well as heartworm in dogs and equine encephalitis. What can South Floridians do to protect their homes and yards?

Early Concerns

Chalmers Vasquez, operations manager for mosquito control in Miami-Dade County, said his department has received a spike in complaints about mosquitoes in the wake of the news about Zika. Typically, that doesn’t happen until closer to summer. “It’s very unusual at this time of year,” he said.

Lifecycle Is All Wet

The lifecycle of mosquitoes has four stages: the egg, which the female lays in water; the larva or wriggler, which lives in the water but surfaces to breathe air; the pupa or tumbler, which also lives in the water; and the adult mosquito, which emerges after the pupal case splits. To begin the cycle again, the female mosquito will require a meal of blood before she goes off to lay her eggs.

Dry It Out

The common denominator in the mosquito’s development: water. One of the most important things homeowners can do to protect themselves is to get rid of or empty any containers that might hold standing water. “That’s where they breed,” Vasquez said.

The creatures can lay eggs in old tires, children’s toys, ground depressions, rocks, clogged roof gutters, potted plant saucers, and even flowers such as bromeliads. Pet dishes, birdbaths and kiddie pools, which a homeowner may not want to empty, should be changed often. Also, create structural barriers, advises the Environmental Protection Agency’s website. Cover all gaps in walls, doors and windows. Door and window screens should be “bug tight.”

Other Protection

Staying indoors at dusk and dawn, when mosquitoes are most active, is a good idea, Vasquez said. Wearing longsleeved shirts and long pants can also help protect against mosquitoes. The insects hunt their prey by detecting chemicals in breath and sweat, so frequent bathing may be a good idea. Some also like the smells of perfumes, so avoid using them outdoors.

The most effective repellents applied to skin are those containing high concentrations of DEET, a chemical that jams the sensors of mosquitoes and confuses them. Follow label directions carefully, especially with children, advises Dr. John Pipoly, Broward County Extension Agent for Urban Horticulture. He himself uses a natural repellent, lemon eucalyptus. Yes, it does work, he maintains. “Most people don’t use enough of it.”

Pipoly advises homeowners against spraying their yards. “Ninety-nine percent of people don’t know what to use, and they use the wrong things,” he said. “There are a lot of beneficial bugs out there.”

Outdoor Misting Systems

For protection that happens automatically, an outdoor misting system may be the answer. More people are investing in these timed-release mosquito control systems, says the EPA’s website. A mister sprays insecticide through nozzles mounted in the lawn or landscaping around the perimeter of a home. “It’s almost like a sprinkler system,” said Steve Jenkins, owner of Miramar-based SWAT Mosquito Systems.

Nozzles are set every eight to 10 feet, Jenkins said. Usually, a system is programmed on a timer to go off at sunrise and sunset, when mosquitoes are most active. “It will mist two to four time a day for about 30 seconds at a time,” he said. “The bigger the perimeter you set up, the less likely you are to get a mosquito coming from a neighbor’s yard.”

The insecticide SWAT uses is pyrethrin-based, a substance that occurs naturally in chrysanthemums. The toxicity lasts about 30 minutes. The product is safe for mammals and birds, Jenkins said. It can be toxic to fish, however, so nozzles are kept a minimum of 10 feet away from ponds. The cost: about $3,500 to $4,500 for an average-size lot.

Insect control misting system hidden in bushes

This article originally appeared in the Miami Herald – South Florida Home (Special Real Estate Section) on Saturday, February 27, 2016.


When Steve Jenkins wanted to find a way to keep his newborn son safe from the dangers of insect bites, he became a man with a mission. Now, his company, SWAT Mosquito Systems, takes the sting permanently out of mosquito season in South Florida with a proprietary system that is custom designed for each client’s home or business.

steve-jenkins-swat“It’s really important to be able to enjoy the outdoors around your home or workplace without the fear of being bothered by mosquitoes, no-see-ums and biting insects,” says Jenkins, an engineer and president of SWAT Mosquito Systems, a licensed pest control company. “Our system is higher quality than other companies in South Florida. And, because we are the largest in the region, we can supply a better and quicker service.” SWAT Mosquito Systems creates a mosquito- free barrier around your business, home, pool and backyard by installing a system of nickel-plated and stainless-steel nozzles in order to kill mosquitoes and other insects. It is a fully automated system that uses a safe, botanical insecticide derived from chrysanthemums, or an equally safe organic alternative made from rosemary oil. Jenkins explains that his team of pest control professionals takes great care to custom design each misting system to be highly effective, but largely unnoticeable. “We’re perfectionists,” he says. “We’re always concerned about how it looks and making sure it is installed correctly.”

Once installed, the system sprays at regular intervals, according to the client’s schedule and needs. Jenkins recommends misting during the evening and nighttime hours, when biting insects are most active. Each SWAT system comes with a comprehensive guarantee and the company’s lifetime warranty covers all parts and labor for full-service customers. “We know the system works,” Jenkins says. “We have a saying: We move in, mosquitoes move out.

This article originally appeared in The Boca Raton Observer” Special Advertising Section.

In the past week, news of the spreading Zika virus has taken the media by storm. Typically more common in Central and South America, there have been 12 reported cases in Florida in the past week – enough for Governor Scott to issue a state of emergency in the five effected counties. For the rest of us, these recent cases serve as a great reminder of the importance of investing in an effective mosquito barrier and perhaps even installing a SWAT pyrethrum yard fogger. Domestically we are accustomed to hearing about West Nile Virus, and for international travelers malaria and dengue steal most of the headlines. So what is the deal with the Zika virus, and what can we do to prevent it?

What is the Zika virus and how can a Pyrethrum yard fogger help fight it?

The Zika virus is a mosquito borne virus that was first discovered in Uganda in the 1940s. It remained relatively isolated for a long time before spreading to the South Pacific. Most recently, the virus has been spreading dramatically throughout Central and South America, and there is a real threat it could extend into the Southern U.S. as well. Thankfully, the 12 reported cases in Florida are all in individuals who were bit by mosquitos while traveling in affected areas. If it does happen to extend into Florida and the Southern U.S., your best defense is to invest in a strong mosquito barrier. Currently, SWAT’s insect fogging technology has proven to be one of the best ways to rid your property of the potential virus-carrying mosquitos.

What would happen if you contracted the Zika virus?

Much like other mosquito born illnesses, the Zika virus has a varying degree of severity. About 1/5 of people with the Zika virus will develop body aches, a fever, rash, nausea, and diarrhea with symptoms dissipating after about one week. The most rare, and severe, forms of the Zika virus can lead to a neurological condition that weakens muscles, damages nerves, and can even paralyze. The more severe symptoms will last weeks, months, or even years. In extreme cases, this condition can even lead to death. Many of the people who contract the virus, however, show no symptoms and have no idea they have become a carrier. While good for the individual, this is very concerning from an epidemiology standpoint. If the right species of mosquito bites an infected individual the insect now becomes a carrier, and the disease can spread rapidly. This is a concern in Florida as the number of reported cases has grown, and now is the perfect time to invest in a preventative insect fogging machine..

While a state of emergency has been issued in Florida for the recent Zika virus reports, it is not yet time to panic. By installing a mosquito barrier or pyrethrum yard fogger from SWAT, you can do your part to keep yourself and your family safe if this virus does start to spread. For more information about this virus, visit the CDC website at:

In today’s world, it is inspiring to see individuals and companies going the extra yard to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions.  Even in the world of insect repellent, people are seeking out garlic bug spray or eco-green mosquito spray systems to eliminate insects while reducing their environmental impact.  We are not that far removed from the days of harmful pesticide use and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, and there is a growing movement toward environmentally friendly technologies.  Next time you are outside, lathering yourself in insect repellent, and swatting bug after bug, think how nice it would be to have an insect free backyard!  SWAT, and our eco-green mosquito spray, has your answer and below are three reasons why our Florida insect misting technology is the absolute best way to eliminate mosquitoes and insects from your backyard.

The Top Environmentally Friendly Florida Insect Misting System Available

There are countless ways to try and rid your yard of mosquitos, but most of them fall into one of two categories.  They are either very harmful to the environment or highly ineffective.  For the first time ever, SWAT has developed a technology that is the best of both worlds.  Our mosquito misting systems will eliminate insects from your backyard but, as importantly, do so in an environmentally neutral way.

SWAT’s Most Subtle Florida Insect Misting Technology

In addition to being the only environmentally friendly option to rid your yard of mosquitos, SWAT’s spraying technology is also the most indirect method available.  With sprayers naturally hidden amongst your property’s landscaping, and a control box concealed in a nearby garage or shed, you will forget our spraying system is there at all!  This makes for an unobtrusive and harmless way for your family, your guests, and you to enjoy Florida’s great outdoors.

Most Importantly, SWAT is Effective!

While environmentalism and unobtrusive technology is important, an effective insect repellent is ultimately what everyone desires.  SWAT’s spraying technology is just that!  Instead of relying on harmful (yet effective) chemical sprays or hoping that your grandma’s garlic bug spray is more than an old wives’ tale, trust SWAT’s proven mosquito spraying technology.  You won’t be disappointed!

In the 21st Century, it is becoming increasingly important to find effective solutions to problems while also taking responsibility for their social or environmental implications.  Insect spray has always been a tricky technology in that regard but not anymore!  Put down your DEET and garlic bug spray, and turn to SWAT’s highly effective and environmentally friendly spraying systems to meet all of your moral and insect fighting needs!

Everyone knows mosquitoes are annoying and can cause skin irritation when they bite, however it is the potential viruses they carry that should be of the most concern.  There is a handful of mosquito borne illnesses in Florida that you should be aware of but, thankfully, with SWAT’s in ground mosquito system you will no longer need to worry about them.  If you are concerned with how mosquito repellent systems work, trust our expert staff to explain it in a way that makes sense to you.  We can assure you that our yard bug repellent spray is easy to install and operate and will spell the end of all mosquitoes in your yard.  If you are concerned about any of the following mosquito borne illnesses, or are simply sick of these pesky bugs, than SWAT’s in ground mosquito system is the perfect solution.

How Mosquito Repellent Systems Work to Eliminate West Nile Virus from your Yard

West Nile Virus is perhaps the most well known of North American mosquito borne viruses and can also be the most severe.  Initial symptoms of this virus carried by mosquitoes include fever, headache, and swollen lymph nodes but, if the individual is especially susceptible to illness, things can get much worse.  While most cases are unnoticed or written off as a simple cold, West Nile Virus can escalate and lead to disorientation, comas, convulsions, and even paralysis.  While our yard bug repellent spray does not spray for the virus, it will eliminate the primary vector: mosquitoes.  By keeping mosquitoes away from your property you can ensure your family will be safe from West Nile Virus.

The Perfect In Ground Mosquito System to put Saint Louis encephalitis to Rest

Lesser known than West Nile Virus is Saint Louis encephalitis – a mosquito borne illness primarily located in the United States.  Saint Louis encephalitis shares many of the same symptoms as West Nile Virus, and Florida boasts some of the most cases of all U.S. states.  The virus can lead to death, especially in the older segments of the population, and there is no cure.  While still rare, the best solution to keep your family safe from Saint Louis encephalitis comes in the form of prevention.  Long sleeves and bug spray will do the trick, but SWAT’s mosquito spraying system is the most foolproof way to keep insects and their associated viruses away from your home.

Keep Eastern equine encephalitis at Bay with a SWAT Mosquito System

Eastern equine encephalitis is yet another mosquito borne illness present in Florida that can very negatively impact those closest to you.  As the name indicates, this virus affects horses and will typically lead to death within a few days of symptoms first appearing.  An infected horse has between a 10 – 30% chance of survival.  Humans, however, are not immune.  Up to a week after getting bit by an infected mosquito, you may start to experience high fevers, altered mental states, headaches, sensitivity to light, and/or seizures. Even if you do not own horses, you or your family could get infected with EEE if you are not taking the proper preventive measures.

If you are concerned about contracting any of these diseases, or simply sick of pesky insects interrupting your barbecues, give SWAT mosquito systems a try.  Don’t worry about how mosquito repellent systems work for now.  Leave the explaining to our expert staff that has been creating bug-free yards for years.  Give us a call today to schedule an appointment, or visit one of our many locations scattered across The Sunshine State.

SWAT Mosquito Systems: The #1 Florida Natural Mosquito Repellent for Yard Area

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays having drawn to a close it is time to once again focus on home improvement projects! One of the most effective ways to improve your home in 2016 is also one of the most affordable – a SWAT mosquito killing system. Our green misting system has proven time and again to be the best way to keep unwanted insects out of your yard, and this natural mist stands alone as the best technology in the field. If you seek to improve your home in the new year than waste no time and invest in the premiere Florida natural mosquito repellent for yard area. SWAT Mosquito Systems are top in effectiveness, affordability, and ease of use – securing our reputation as the number one mosquito killing system available.

Kiss those Pesky Florida Mosquitoes Goodbye with a SWAT Green Misting System

More so than repellent or mosquito magnets, SWAT’s green misting system has proven to be the most effective way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Our spray is guaranteed to deter and kill mosquitoes more effectively than any other technology on the market and, even better, the spray is not harmful to the environment! SWAT is a win-win in terms of being effective and environmentally friendly, and that is a rare combination when it comes to insect repellents.

Our Natural Mist will keep your Yard Comfortable and your Wallet Happy

If you use your backyard often, or would use your backyard if it weren’t for all those pesky mosquitoes, then a SWAT mosquito killing system is easily the most financially logical long-term solution to mosquito prevention. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on faulty mosquito magnets or lathering your skin with unnatural repellents just to go outside, a one-time investment in a SWAT system will guarantee years of mosquito free fun on your property. Compared to other, similar systems SWAT boasts the best in customer service and maintenance as well – making our low price tag look even better!

One-and-Done Installation: The Easiest Natural Mist System Available

Perhaps the most attractive thing about a SWAT Mosquito System is its ease of use. Following a one-time installation, the system will practically run itself. That means you won’t need to schedule regular maintenance visits or tinker with fine-tuning any adjustments. Even better, the main control system can be easily hidden in a shed or garage while the sprayers themselves are naturally camouflaged in grass and plant life. If it weren’t for the lack of mosquitoes, you will forget our system is in your yard at all!

If you are budgeting for home improvements in 2016, why not expand the livable space on your property? By eliminating mosquitoes from your land you can open your yard for parties, barbecues, or just relaxing in our beautiful Florida sun Our Florida natural mosquito repellent for yard area has proven time and again to be the most effective, affordable, and easy to use system on the market. . If this sounds like a worthy investment, waste no time and call SWAT today!

The state of Florida has much to offer visitors and residents alike.  Along with our beautiful beaches, ancient swamps and forests, and eclectic cities The Sunshine State boasts some of the best weather in the country.  Of course the heat isn’t for everybody and, even for those who love it, backyard cooling in Florida has been a growing trend.  Enjoying quality time outside down here is just about as Florida as it gets, and an outdoor mist cooling system could be your answer to making the most of your Florida home.  Check out the following three reasons why a Florida backyard cooling system is the most worthy new home improvement project!

Spend More Time Outside with a Florida Outdoor Cooling System

Simply put, an outdoor cooling system in Florida from SWAT is the best way to maximize the amount of time you can enjoy our great outdoors.  While many of us live for the heat, we also know the value of efficiently cooling down to give your body a break.  Now, you are just one fast and affordable installation away from having your very own cooling system installed in your backyard!  Once installed, the system practically runs itself.  All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the pleasant cooling sensation provided by your new outdoor mist cooling system.

Make the Most of your Garden with an Outdoor Mist Cooling System

While the primary purpose of SWAT mist cooling systems is to cool off your backyard on those hot Florida days, this technology also has an ancillary purpose.  Most of our customers elect to have their misting systems installed in semi-hidden locations and, as such, these systems happen to provide a perfect natural water spray for surrounding plants.  Our customers are not only more comfortable outside because of these systems, but oftentimes their backyard flowers and plants are much healthier as well!

A New Outdoor Mist Cooling System: The Economical way to Enjoy the Outdoors

Perhaps the biggest perks of the SWAT backyard cooling system in Florida is that it is both economical and environmentally friendly.  Here at SWAT, we pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions to common backyard problems.  As any Florida resident will tell you, piping hot summer days are one of those issues and now there is an affordable and environmentally friendly solution.  Contact SWAT today to maximize the enjoyment of your backyard without emptying the wallet!