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If you're tired of those annoying mosquitoes and no-see-ums ruining your outdoor enjoyment, then you've come to the right place. By visiting our blog regularly you will discover how you can protect your home and business from mosquitoes and no-see-ums with our helpful tips and tricks.

SWAT Systems: Your Go-To Source for No-see-ums Control

Perhaps the only downside of living near the beautiful beaches, swamps, and lakes of Florida are the insects that also call these ecosystems home.  Trying to get rid of noseeums or mosquitos can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but SWAT Mosquito Systems is now here to help!  While historically the pesky Florida mosquito population […]

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Swat Mosquitos on WPTV Channel NBC

This is an exclusive video of Swat Mosquito Systems’ Senior Vice President TV interview shot from backstage. Since the Zika virus remains an important health concern especially in Florida, Brent explains what our company can do in order to protect yourselves from mosquitos with a 98% efficiency. You can also take a look at our […]

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Declaring war on mosquitoes a priority in South Florida

Mosquitoes are always an irritating nuisance. This year, however, there is a more serious concern: the Zika virus, which experts believe is linked to microcephaly, a serious birth defect. After cases were identified in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott declared a health emergency. Although all Florida cases so far are believed to have been contracted by […]

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Steve Jenkins and SWAT Mosquito Systems Sends Pests Packing

When Steve Jenkins wanted to find a way to keep his newborn son safe from the dangers of insect bites, he became a man with a mission. Now, his company, SWAT Mosquito Systems, takes the sting permanently out of mosquito season in South Florida with a proprietary system that is custom designed for each client’s […]

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Mosquitoes still bugging you in South Florida? The Solution!

Mosquitoes bugging the bejesus outta you? Time to call in the SWAT team! Palm trees, balmy weather, sunshine…we Floridians are not only lucky, we’re smart! We’re brainy enough to have chosen the best place to live in the entire country. But living in paradise, like living anywhere else, comes with its everyday challenges, and just […]

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Help fight the Zika Virus with a SWAT Insect Fogging Machine

In the past week, news of the spreading Zika virus has taken the media by storm. Typically more common in Central and South America, there have been 12 reported cases in Florida in the past week – enough for Governor Scott to issue a state of emergency in the five effected counties. For the rest […]

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The Best Eco-Green Mosquito Spray to Keep the Bugs at Bay

In today’s world, it is inspiring to see individuals and companies going the extra yard to make socially and environmentally conscious decisions.  Even in the world of insect repellent, people are seeking out garlic bug spray or eco-green mosquito spray systems to eliminate insects while reducing their environmental impact.  We are not that far removed […]

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3 Reasons Mosquito Spray for Backyard is Better than Traditional Bug Repellent

It’s no secret that enjoying the great outdoors in Florida requires some level of insect defense.  Historically, on-skin bug spray has been the most popular choice to fend off annoying insects, but if you are looking for mosquito repellent for large areathis style of spray simply won’t cut it.  SWAT’s environment-friendly mosquito spray provides the […]

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