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September 2016 – Local 10 News

April 2016 – Key Biscayne Magazine

Mosquito Whisperer


March/April 2016 – Simply The Best

Good Riddance Via Remote with SWAT’s mosquito control


March 2016 – The Town-Crier

SWAT Mosquito Systems Sends Pesky Biting Pests Packing


February 2016 – South Florida Home (Miami Herald): Special Real Estate Section

Declaring war on mosquitoes a priority in South Florida


July 2015 – Boca Observer: Men at Work

Bugging Out: Steve Jenkins and SWAT Mosquito Systems Sends Pests Packing

SWAT Mosquito advertorial in Boca Observer

May 2015 – Brickell Magazine

Bye-Bye Bytes

Brickell Mag talks about Swat mosquito

March/April 2016 – Simply The Best

Guerillas in the Mist

SWAT Mosquito systems in Simply the Best magazine

August 2012 – The Miami Herald

Taking Back The Yard: SWAT Fights Mosquitoes During The Rainy Season

SWAT Mosquito Miami Herald Aug 4

April 2012 – The Parklander

Eliminating Mosquitoes: Solving a Year-Round Problem

SWAT Mosquito Parklander Apr 2012

September 2008 – Coral Gables News

SWAT Helps Free Properties from Mosquitoes & No-See-ums

mosquito misting systems news

May 2007 – The Islander News

Mosquito Misting System Helps Take the Sting Out of Mosquito Season

SWAT Mosquito Control

July 2006 – La isla Times

SWAT Creates Havoc in Mosquito Population

Florida Mosquito Control

June 2006 – Pinecrest Tribune

SWAT Mosquito Misting System Guarantees Mosquito-Free Homes

SWAT Mosquito Mist Systems

July 2009 – The Miami Herald

Florida Mosquito Control: From Candles to Hi-Tech Zappers

SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems

June 2007 – The Parklander

SWAT Mosquito Systems: “Meet The Next Endangered Species”©

SWAT Mosquito Misting Systems